Programs & Services

PATHE - Positive Alternatives to Handling Emotions 
PACE - Providing Access to Community Employment 

Program Structure

  • A separate public facility designed with 1 teacher and 2 para professionals per class.
  • Classroom maximum of 10 students 
  • Programming offered for grades K-12 in five separate classrooms
  • PACE - an extension of the Pathe programming housed at WCESC with an added community based component providing work experiences

Programming for Students 

  • With significant social-emotional and behavioral needs
  • Whose needs are best met in a self-contained LRE setting with smaller class sizes and who require adult supervision to maintain safe and appropriate behavior
  • Who benefit from direct social skills instruction, a therapeutic approach and an academic curriculum based off of the Ohio Academic and Extended Standards
  • With an emphasis of transitioning back to a general education setting in coordination with the student’s home school district

Specially Designed Programming of PATHE

  • Direct instruction of academics aligned to the general education curriculum including IEP goals with an emphasis on social skills development
  • Implementation of the Discipline That Restores model with focus on repairing and maintaining positive relationships with peers and adults
  • Collaboration with the Children’s Resource Center (CRC) to provide crisis support and student participation in a daily behavior management course as well as onsite individual and small group counseling when appropriate
  • Teacher implemented behavior tracking, with input from students, designed to fit the unique needs of each student
  • Continued collaboration with county districts to determine appropriate LRE for students based on their unique needs
  • Integration of vocational studies and real world job placements, specifically with students 16 and older who participate in the PACE aspect of the program
  • Includes cost of related services as a component of overall programming