Programs & Services

Early Childhood Services

What is the Wood County Early Childhood Services?  The Wood County Early Childhood Program is a developmentally-appropriate, integrated program providing services to children with and without special needs from the ages of 3–5.

What will children learn during a typical day?  Our curriculum is endorsed by the Ohio Department of Education. It is a play-based curriculum which supports children’s learning in all areas of development and creates a foundation for school-age achievement. Your child will be involved in hands-on learning experiences where children cooperate, talk to peers and adults, make choices, and solve problems in a language-rich learning environment. Art, music, and motor activities are an integral part of the curriculum.

What services are provided for children with Special Needs?
Children with identified special needs will have an individual educational plan addressing areas of delay. Support for learning is provided by a team of specialists which may include the preschool psychologist, speech therapist, vision specialist, audiologist, adaptive physical education teacher, occupational therapist, and physical therapist.

How do I refer my child for a special needs evaluation?  If you have concerns about your child’s speech, motor skills, behavior, etc., please contact us at or 419-354-9010. Screenings and assessments may be conducted as appropriate. If delays are identified, children with special needs will be offered services via an IEP.

For Typically-Developing children:  Typically-developing children who are toilet trained will be enrolled based on the vacancy available. contact us at or 419-354-9010 to request a Pre-Registration Form, or visit the Preschool page to download it.