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About the Centers

Our Mission:

We provide holistic and innovative learning opportunities for all students to promote long-term academic and social success. We support our employees, local districts, communities, and stakeholders, so together we can inspire students to learn, lead, and shine brightly in their futures.


The Community Learning Centers of Wood County Educational Service Center provide quality enrichment and extended learning activities for elementary children - kindergarten through sixth grades. Our daily Before-school, After-school, and Summer STARS program meets the care and supervision needs of parents during out-of-school hours while engaging children in fun learning experiences that complement their school-day instruction.


In 2001, after witnessing an overwhelming community need, the Community Learning Centers were created to provide children a safe and fun before/after school extended learning environment. Since then, through the support of the Wood County Educational Service Center, the 21st Century Community Learning Center program, and the United Way, this amazing program has expanded to serve thousands of kids a year, in 7 districts, at 8 sites, year-round, throughout Wood and Lucas counties!

What We Do:

Our services provide children with homework assistance, breakfast/snack, physical activities, fun extended learning opportunities, and a safe place to have fun outside the school day. Beyond serving these needs, we also provide kids a place to go to receive a smile, hug, and the support they need every time they walk in our door! Our fees are based on a sliding fee scale, with most families eligible for a rate reduction, and many families receiving free services.

How Do We Do It:

We provide multiple programs that support student growth and learning, including STARS, Canine Crew, Tiger Academy, Summer Academy, Summer STARS, Maumee MaKERS, Homework Clubs and much much more! Our students have the best in academic intervention available, including access to our evidence based literacy and math computer intervention program SuccessMaker, homework help, district collaboration, and our positive youth development programming, PAX.  Students participate in Discovery Zones, a digital, themed curriculum that incorporates all after school programming components, including academics/homework, social emotional learning, mindfulness, technology, physical activity, and parent components, all written to state standards and include differentiation with focus on:

  • Arts
  • Cultural Studies / Global Learning
  • Health & Safety
  • Technology
  • Math / Problem Solving
  • Motor Skills
  • Reading / Writing
  • Science
  • Service Projects/Learning & Character Building

DEI Statement
Our mission is to make DEI our way of being.  We are committed to the creation of equity by tailoring tools and resources to meet individual needs, and by continuously improving our systems and processes so everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.
We will do this by respecting the dignity and diversity of all people; creating an inclusive environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, and bullying; enhancing their awareness of potential unconscious bias and how that might hinder our ability to be more inclusive and collaborative with one another; and, focusing on conscious inclusion to be more intentional with their actions to drive diversity, equity and belonging.