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Literacy (RIMP) Scholarships

In collaboration with local districts, qualifying students on RIMP (Reading Improvement Monitoring Plans) will be awarded literacy scholarships covering 100% of program fees! If your child is eligible, contact your school's CLC Site Supervisor for more information.

SuccessMaker is a computer assisted academic instructional and assessment software program for all elementary grade levels. This software automatically adjusts in response to individual student performance, tracking initial reading performance and progress over time. It is an optimal tool to use with students with disabilities or learning delays as it initiates at the students current performance level, presents concepts and strategies, and progresses only as the student succeeds with the material presented. This avoids acceleration at a pace for which the student is not prepared. With over 30 years of research, SuccessMaker content has been aligned with both national and Ohio Academic Curriculum Standards. This program is both an instructional tool and a means to gather performance data for evaluation of academically supportive components of reading. SuccessMaker activity is implemented by Center staff as a daily component for student participants of the Before/Afterschool and Summer STARS/intervention programs.