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Please read prior to registration!

Greetings from the Community Learning Centers, with best hopes everyone is doing well and staying safe.  Flexibility during these trying times is the goal of the CLC.  As COVID information becomes more readily available, and related precautions continue to decrease, we will continue to adjust our program to best fit our families need.  Subsequently, we are making changes to our schedule requirements and billing structure.  Please see our amended procedures below.  

(Note: Requirements vary between districts due to distancing guidelines, room capacity, hybrid/in-person, or face-to-instruction, transportation availability, and other variables)

Absences and Scheduling

The CLC registration form requires indication of the days of the week that a student is scheduled to attend.  Changes in a student’s schedule, including planned absences such as vacation, must be submitted in writing to the Senior Team Leader/Site Coordinator.  If a student will not be attending on a regular scheduled day, the Senior Team Leader/Site Coordinator of the CLC should be contacted no later than noon for afternoon programs, by the day prior for morning programs, and by 9:00 am during summer programs. 


Bowling Green School  District:  Student schedules are full time (Monday through Friday or  Tuesday through Friday, as specified).*


Rossford & Northwood School Districts:  Student schedules match the child’s hybrid schedule.  For example, if a child attends a hybrid schedule of Monday and Tuesday only, their CLC schedule must include both Monday and Tuesday attendance.*


North Baltimore School District:  Student schedules are full time (Monday through Friday) with attendance expected from after school until 5:00 pm.*

*Three (3) sessions of absence per month is allowed.  After 3 sessions of absence, a fee of $8.50 is applicable for each session of non-attendance.  A missing child fee of $10.00 is applicable if no notice is provided in advance of the absence.


Eastwood, Elmwood, Lake, Maumee School Districts:  Student schedules for the program only require a minimum schedule of three (3) days per week specified at registration.  Students may attend less than 3 days per week, but an absence fee of $8.50 is applicable to the account on any day that a child does not attend below the 3 day scheduled minimum.  For example, if your child attends 2 days a week, there will be a $8.50 charge for the unattended third day.  A missing child fee of $10.00 is applicable if no notice is provided in advance of the absence.


As always, we will do our best to continue providing excellent service in this new COVID environment.  If you have questions regarding these changes, please contact Susan Youngpeter at (419)-354-9010, ext 248.

Thank you for letting us continue to serve your family. 


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