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Special Message

Please read prior to registration!


Greetings from the Community Learning Centers, with best hopes everyone is doing well and staying safe.  I cannot begin to scratch the surface in expressing how much we have missed serving you this spring and summer.


Due to COVID-19, and subsequent new childcare regulations, we are now limiting registration to full-time, Monday through Friday, schedules.  Schedules less than full-time may be accepted, however, a reservation fee of 2 hours billable at your hourly rate, will be required to reserve any unattended sessions, Monday through Friday.  Sites will allow 3 days of absence per month.  After 3 absent days, an fee equal to 2 hours of attendance will be applied for each day of non-attendance.  Please let us know by noon of the day of attendance if your child will not be attending to avoid a $10 “missing child” fee.


We will do our best to continue providing excellent service in this new COVID environment.  If you have questions regarding these changes, please contact Susan Youngpeter at (419)-354-9010, ext 248.


Thank you for letting us continue to serve your family. 


Please click on the REGISTRATION link below to register your child today!