Programs & Services

LIFE Skills
Learning Independence through Functional Education 

Program Structure

  • Self-contained setting with one teacher, one program para professional, and 1-1 para professionals as IEP dictates
  • Classroom maximum of 8 students
  • Programming offered from Kindergarten through Grade 23 (through 22nd birthday)

Programming for Students

  • With moderate/ intensive educational needs, including multiple disabilities, autism, etc. 
  • With significant adaptive behavior deficits whose needs require intensive adult prompting and instruction
  • Who may have significant barriers to functional communication
  • Whose needs are best met in a self-contained LRE with smaller class sizes 
  • Who benefit from a community based instructional approach and functional curriculum aligned to Ohio Academic Learning Standards - Extended with significant modifications and accommodations

Specially Designed Programming of LIFE Skills

  • Direct instruction of all content areas aligned to the academic learning standards-extended
  • Community based instruction embedded throughout instructional units to directly generalize skills
  • Systematic and direct instruction of social skills training, internet safety and technology
  • Direct instruction in daily living skills, pre-vocational/ vocational skills, functional communication, and adaptive behavior skills
  • Direct instruction of strategies/ methods to self-regulate behavior and daily routines
  • Integration of school work experiences and community work experiences for students of transition age
  • Participation with same age peers in school activities and/ or classes as appropriate
  • Collaboration with an expanded IEP team to assist in transition for students who are appropriate for Penta Career Center and/ or the next steps in adult living
  • Includes cost of related services as a component of overall programming