Programs & Services

LIFE Skills
Learning Independence through Functional Education 

Program Structure

  • Self-contained setting with one teacher, one program para professional, and 1-1 para professionals as IEP dictates
  • Classroom maximum of 8 students
  • Programming offered from Kindergarten through Grade 23 (through 22nd birthday)

Programming for Students

  • With moderate/ intensive educational needs, including multiple disabilities, autism, etc. 
  • With significant adaptive behavior deficits whose needs require intensive adult prompting and instruction
  • Who may have significant barriers to functional communication
  • Whose needs are best met in a self-contained LRE with smaller class sizes 
  • Who benefit from a community based instructional approach and functional curriculum aligned to Ohio Academic Learning Standards - Extended with significant modifications and accommodations

Specially Designed Programming of LIFE Skills

  • Direct instruction of all content areas aligned to the academic learning standards-extended
  • Community based instruction embedded throughout instructional units to directly generalize skills
  • Systematic and direct instruction of social skills training, internet safety and technology
  • Direct instruction in daily living skills, pre-vocational/ vocational skills, functional communication, and adaptive behavior skills
  • Direct instruction of strategies/ methods to self-regulate behavior and daily routines
  • Integration of school work experiences and community work experiences for students of transition age
  • Participation with same age peers in school activities and/ or classes as appropriate
  • Collaboration with an expanded IEP team to assist in transition for students who are appropriate for Penta Career Center and/ or the next steps in adult living
  • Includes cost of related services as a component of overall programming
Mrs. Hemmings Class
Mrs. Hemmings class

Mrs. Hemming's Life skills class was invited by Mrs. Linkey to observe a real butterfly life cycle. After seeing the pupas and adult butterflies in the classroom, the students were able to watch the Monarchs' release.

Life Skills
Life Skills Lake Middle School & High School

Students and staff of the Lake Middle School and High School Life Skills classes enjoy a beautiful day at the Toledo Zoo.

Lake Middle School Life Skills
Life Skills students hard at work!

Students in the Lake Middle School Life Skills class are hard at work!

Life Skills student
Life Skills student meets favorite meteorologist!

A Lake Middle School Life Skills student meets his favorite Channel 13 meteorologists.