Programs & Services

Available Services

Before and Afterschool Programs- STARS

STARS is a before and after-school program that provides quality enrichment and extended learning activities to elementary students. Students receive assistance to promote homework completion, participate in enrichment activities called Challenge Centers, and practice and improve their reading and math skills using an online tool called SuccessMaker. Students are also provided a healthy breakfast, snack, and/or dinner, plus time for physical activity.

Summer STARS

Summer STARS is a themed summer program for elementary students that is similar to the before and after school program. Students will engage in Challenge Centers, complete SuccessMaker twice a day, and participate in outdoor physical activity. Tuesdays and Fridays are travel days; Tuesdays being educational and fun field trips and Fridays being trips to the local pool for swimming. Again, a healthy breakfast, snack, and/or dinner is provided.

Canine Crew

In collaboration with Rossford Schools, the Canine Crew is a targeted intervention program offering homework assistance, tutoring, and interactive computer programming to support your child’s learning. It is an expanded learning program different than the regular daily STARS program offered through our Community Learning Center at Glenwood Elementary. If selected through the school, Canine Crew provides students with reading and math intervention under the direction of certified Rossford teachers at no fee to your family! 

Summer Academy

In collaboration with Rossford Schools, the Community Learning Centers hosts a FREE Summer Academy for select students entering grades K-5. This program is offered to students who would benefit from continued practice of reading and math skills. Intervention is targeted for students to maintain present levels of achievement and prevent further loss, to teach new skills, and to intervene in specific areas of need.