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Before and Afterschool Programs


STARS is a before and after-school program that provides quality enrichment and extended learning activities to elementary students. Students receive assistance to promote homework completion, participate in enrichment activities called Discovery Zones, and practice and improve their reading and math skills using an online tool called SuccessMaker. Students are also provided a healthy breakfast, snack, and/or dinner, plus time for physical activity.

Homework Club

Homework Club is a before and after-school program that provides students the opportunity to focus on homework completion in a safe, nurturing environment. Students will receive academic support and other enrichment opportunities, such as quiet reading time, fun math games, and assistive technology.  Students will also be provided a healthy breakfast, snack, and/or dinner, plus time for physical activity.

Summer STARS

Summer STARS is a themed summer program for elementary students that is similar to the before and after school program. Students will engage in Discovery Zones, complete SuccessMaker twice a day, and participate in outdoor physical activity. Summers also include travel days; going on  educational and fun field trips and heading to the local pool for swimming. Again, a healthy breakfast, snack, and/or dinner is provided.

Canine Crew

In collaboration with Rossford Schools, the Canine Crew is a targeted intervention program offering homework assistance, tutoring, and interactive computer programming to support your child’s learning. It is an expanded learning program different than the regular daily STARS program offered through our Community Learning Center at Rossford Elementary. If selected through the school, Canine Crew provides students with reading intervention under the direction of certified Rossford teachers at no fee to your family! 


Maumee MaKERS

In collaboration with Maumee School District, the MaKERS program is a targeted intervention program offering homework assistance, tutoring, and interactive computer programming to support your child’s learning. If selected through the school, MaKERS provides students with academic intervention, social-emotional learning, a hot dinner, enrichment activities, and much more! 


Summer Academy

In collaboration with Rossford Schools, the Community Learning Centers hosts a FREE Summer Academy for select students entering grades K-5. This program is offered to students who would benefit from continued practice of reading and math skills. Intervention is targeted for students to maintain present levels of achievement and prevent further loss, to teach new skills, and to intervene in specific areas of need.



We are thrilled to offer access to a FREE distance learning, SEL program for students, called Foundations! 

This program is based on a 40-day topical schedule, and is centered around giving students the social emotional building blocks they need to head back into the school year on a strong and positive note. We believe that during these trying times SEL is an important and supportive component to student daily schedules. 

The Foundation skills were created with both 21st CCLC program objectives and the 5 SEL categories in mind, with a team that includes both certified teachers and counselors. Daily topics include Courage, Confidence, Pride, Leadership, Resilience, Integrity, and each day is a special blend of fun and learning and hosted by our special friend, Miss Susan. 

1. Create a google account if you do not already have one! (Google suite accounts/work accounts are not compatible) 

2. Head to the classroom link to view the module: 

3. Select the "Go to Classroom" button 

4. Log in using your personal gmail account 

5. Select the plus (+) sign in on the right- hand corner of the screen, then select "join class" 

6. Enter our class code: CTYXPQW 

7. Start learning! 


Discovery Zones

Discover Zones are a new digital curriculum package created to consolidate afterschool programmatic needs.  DZs are an all-inclusive, systematic way to coordinate afterschool program curriculum and provide a fun and educational learning environment for students!  

Why Discovery Zones?

·        Afterschool programs are jammed full of many components, all of equal importance.  In order to ensure every program element is proctored and continuous improvement is achieved, we developed a system that incorporates daily requirements into one total digitally distributed package that the staff and kids love.

What is a Discovery Zones?

·        A Discovery Zone is a fun, animated, and graphic filled slideshow package used to structure and facilitate afterschool academics, social emotional learning through our very own 'Family Focus based activities, physical activity, mindfulness, new technology, engage parents, and more.  These Discovery Zones are themed weekly, include differentiation, and are written to State standards.

How can I use Discovery Zones?

·        Simply utilize the planning materials, begin the presentation, and let it guide you through hours of activities and topics designed to provide a new way of student learning afterschool. Beyond the slideshow, we also provide templates for table tents, job lanyards, teacher guide, supply list, guided discussion topics, and supplemental materials all based on a weekly theme.

This new curriculum has been tested and enjoyed by thousands of kids and, as seen above, even has a fun mascot, Dee-Zee!  To learn more about Discovery Zones, contact us at

Make Learning EZ with DZs! 



SuccessMaker is an online reading and math program to help develop students skills and keep them learning reading and math outside the classroom. 

Link to Complete SuccessMaker

SuccessMaker® Adaptive Personalized Learning for K-8 Reading and Math

SuccessMaker® is an adaptive learning system that provides all K-8 students with a personalized learning experience that adjusts in real time to their specific individual learning needs.

  • Perfect for differentiation, accelerated learning, and intervention
  • Adapts for all RtI and MTSS tiers; CASE-certified for special education
  • Real-time student performance data
  • Support multilingual learners with 60+ translations
  • Proven effective for all students by independent research