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A smiling preschool-age girl being hugging her mother.

Preschool Information

If you have questions about our preschools or concerns about your child's development (speech, motor skills, behavior, etc), please contact WCESC at or 419-354-9010 x 133.

Click here to learn more about our preschool programs at Eastwood, North Baltimore, and Northwood. If you're interested in other school districts, please call the district directly.

If you have questions about our preschools or would like to preregister, please contact the WCESC Preschool Secretary at or 419-354-9010 x 133.

2023-2024 Preschool:  

Preregistration for fall 2023 began in April 2023. To be added to the email/mailing list, please contact us with the following info:  1. your school district of residence;  2. your name;  3. your address;  4. phone number;  5. email;  6. your child's full name & DOB.

Pre-registration forms for the 2023-2024 School Year:

Eastwood Preschool (full with waiting list)

North Baltimore (Powell) Preschool (full with waiting list)

Northwood Preschool (full with waiting list)

When the WCESC Preschool Secretary receives paperwork from anyone, she will email the parent a confirmation of receipt on her next work day. If you don't receive an email confirmation within a reasonable amount of time, please contact her to make sure your documents were received.

Preschool Forms/Parent Info

This section is for parents with children currently attending our preschool:

Medical Form (2 pages) and Dental Form (1 page). If you need a different form, please email the WCESC Preschool Secretary a request at

Click to download Importance of Health Screenings for Preschoolers flyer

Click to download Info Section (Tips for Completing Reg Forms/Immunization Info)

Link to 2023 Recommended Immunizations for Children from Birth—6 Years Old  (ENGLISH)  (SPANISH)

ECE Grant Preschool

For Eastwood, North Baltimore, and Northwood School Districts: The Early Childhood Education (ECE) grant provides low-cost, high-quality early learning services to eligible children, and promotes academic achievement. To learn more about the ECE Grant Preschool, please click here.

Children must meet age and income eligibility requirements: Children must be at least 3 years of age but not age-eligible for kindergarten. Family income must fall at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. To learn if your family is eligible for this low-cost, high-quality preschool program, please contact WCESC at or 419-354-9010.

If your child doesn't meet the age/income requirement, please scroll up to learn about our non-grant preschool options.