Programs & Services

Living Classroom

Program Structure

  • Self-contained setting housed in an apartment in the community, with one teacher, one program para professional, and 1-1 para professionals as IEP dictates
  • Instructional day consists of work experiences in the community and instruction in the apartment and community to prepare students for independency to their maximum potential – typical week consists of approximately 3 days in the community and 2 days in the apartment
  • Classroom maximum of 8 students

Programming for Students

  • Ages 18-21 who have met all high school requirements and who have the right to stay in school through their 22nd birthday (grade 23 student)
  • Who can live and work safely and productively with adult support in the community with limited behavioral concerns
  • Who have a focus to obtain transition skills working towards integrated competitive employment (with job coaching) and supported independent living options
  • Who can continue to build independency over time with direct instruction and fading adult supports

Specially Designed Programming of the Living Classroom

  • Direct instruction aligned to IEP transition goals in the areas of community access and participation, independent living, employability skills, life-long fitness and leisure, self-determination, and social skills/ relationships
  • Integration of work experience opportunities within the community to gain employability skills focusing on a student’s PINS - preferences, interests, needs, and strengths
  • Direct instruction of social skills/ relationships, communication, and personal safety in the community
  • Direct instruction and generalization of functional academics and adaptive behavior skills in all environments
  • Collaboration with an expanded Transition Team which includes adult agencies to students and families through the transition process to adult living 
  • Distribution of a collection of resources, strategies, and supports to parents to assist in a smooth transition to post-school living 
  • Includes cost of related services as a component of overall programming