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The Community Learning Centers of Wood County Educational Service Center provide quality enrichment and extended learning activities for elementary children - grades kindergarten through sixth. Our daily Beforeschool, Afterschool, and Summer STARS program meets the care and supervision needs of parents during out-of-school hours while engaging children in fun learning experiences that complement their school-day instruction.


In 2001, after witnessing an overwhelming community need, the Community Learning Centers were created to provide children a safe and fun before/after school extended learning environment. Since then, through the support of the Wood County Educational Service Center, the 21st Century Community Learning Center program, and the United Way, this amazing program has expanded to serve thousands of kids a year, at 8 districts, at 10 sites, year-round, throughout Wood and Sandusky Counties!

What We Do:

Our services provide children with homework assistance, breakfast/snack, physical activities, fun extended learning opportunities, and a safe place to have fun outside the school day. Beyond serving these needs, we also provide kids a place to go to receive a smile, hug, and the support they need every time they walk in our door! Our fees are based on a sliding fee scale, with most families eligible for a deduction, and many families paying as low as 10 cents an hour!

How Do We Do It:

We provide multiple programs that support student growth and learning, including STARS, Canine Crew, Summer Academy, Summer STARS, Adventures, and much much more! Our students have the best in academic intervention available, including access to our evidence based literacy and math computer intervention program SuccessMaker, personalized tutoring and district collaboration, and our positive youth development programming, Positive Action and PAX.  Students participate in Challenge Centers, activities in which children engage in sequenced, progressive activities designed to build increased understanding, skills, and accomplishments in nine content areas, including:

  • Arts
  • Cultural Studies / Global Learning
  • Health & Safety
  • Technology
  • Math / Problem Solving
  • Motor Skills
  • Reading / Writing
  • Science
  • Service Projects/Learning & Character Building