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Obtaining, updating and filing of a valid license is the responsibility of all certificated employees. It is REQUIRED that personnel meet the requirements for renewal and updating of their license .


It is also the responsibility of the educational aide to make sure a current education aide permit is updated yearly. Our office will assist you, but that does not relieve you of your responsibility to have a valid permit. 

Ohio ID Account Instructions for New or Renewal 
Licenses or Permits 


Initial and renewal applications for regular teaching licenses and educational aide permits for educators in Ohio, including substitutes, are processed online. 


Even if you are not due to upgrade or renew a license or permit right now, the CORE system may still be useful to you. Please take the time to read the following information. It is recommended that every employee that holds a license or permit sign up for a Ohio ID account.


What is CORE?


CORE is an acronym for Connected Ohio Records for Educators. It is a website that addresses all aspects of an Ohio educator’s qualifications such as licensure, residency, employment history, and professional conduct. The CORE product most commonly used by teachers and school staff is “My Educator Profile.”


How do I access CORE?


You will need a Ohio ID account to access CORE. If you have been employed in the past as a teacher, you may already have a Ohio ID account.


When will I need my Ohio ID account?


Ohio educators need a Ohio ID account to view their personal information as it is on record with the Ohio Department of Education and to renew certificates, licenses, and permits.


How will license / permit applications be managed in Wood County with this new system?


Licensure and permit applications will continue to be handled by Stephanie Dyar at the ESC. However, all of the initial processing will take place electronically. Remember, it is your responsibility to be sure you are renewing / upgrading licenses or permits you hold. To renew your license, you will complete the CORE online application and payment process via your Ohio ID account. Once submitted in CORE, your application will process electronically to any necessary approvers at the Wood County ESC.


How will I pay for my license / permit?


Once you’ve submitted your application on CORE, you will also process your payment electronically on a page called “My Account.” The “My Account” page will display automatically when the system sees that your application has been submitted successfully.


What if I have to attach documents to my application?


Some applications may require additional documentation like transcripts, letters of verification, or test scores. If documents are required, you will see a page explaining the requirements as you complete the online application process. Some documents must be mailed to ODE separately. Also, documentation can be downloaded and attached to the application from your computer files, which will appear in a drop down box. The system will provide detailed instructions for mailing or downloading as appropriate for your circumstances.


How will I know what is happening with my submitted application?


As the application moves through the approval process, you will receive an email if any of your approvers decline your application. Additionally, you can log into your Ohio ID account at any time and see the status of any applications you’ve submitted by going to the “My Account”.



Please click on the following links to complete an application or renew a license or permit:



Initial Application for a License or Permit


Renewing a License or Permit


Please call Kelly Llanas with any questions at 419.354.9010 ext. 305