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AESOP - Absence Management Service

AESOP offers both phone and Web services so that you can create an absence anytime, anywhere. As soon as you register an absence, Aesop starts finding a qualified, available substitute to fill your absence.

By writing notes or attaching documents to your absence, you can assure that your substitute is prepared to handle your duties during your absence. Notes and PDF documents can be uploaded and attached to your absence.


Substitutes: Please reference the Substitute Quick Start Guide to get started.


Regular Employees: Please reference the Employee Quick Start Guide to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions for Employees


AESOP Administrator: Stephanie Dyar

Office hours: 8:30 - 4:30pm 

Contact the office at 419-354-9010

After hours phone number: 419-308-4147



NOTE: Substitute Aides must complete a Substitute Time Sheet.