Request Meeting Room Form

Rules for use of the Educational Service Center Facilities:

1. The undersigned assumes responsibility for any damages. The user agrees to indemnify and HOLD HARMLESS the Wood County ESC Governing Board and their agents and employees from all liability, claims, demands, damages, or costs for, or arising out of, above use, whether it be caused by the negligence of the organization or the Wood County ESC or either party’s agents or employees.

2. The Wood County ESC requires all organizations that are required to pay rent for the use of district facilities to protect themselves with a public liability policy of not less than $100,000.00/$300,000.00 bodily injury and property damage.

3. An adult must be in charge of the group renting the facility. The doors of the building will not be opened for the group or the meeting will not permitted to start until the adult in charge of the group arrives at the building. This adult agrees to be responsible to the Governing Board for the proper use of the building and grounds He/She will allow only members of that group to enter, will supervise the group’s activities, will prohibit unbecoming conduct within the building, will not allow anyone to enter an area not being rented, and will remain in the building until all members of the group have left the building.

4. Groups will be charged for any damage caused by their members, for any preparation, or undue cleaning necessary because of the activities of the group.

5. No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the district building or on the district site.

6. Smoking is prohibited in the district facility.

7. The placing of posters, placards, or other materials on the walls or woodwork is only allowed with permission.