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If you ask a typical student in elementary, junior high, or high school the question, “Why do kids start drinking alcohol,” the inevitable answer is…

“Because they think it’s cool.”

The New Cool is a collaborative project working to change that mindset. Our message is that being cool has a lot more to do with who you are, what you do, and how you think than what you drink.

We want to highlight some of the “cool” things happening throughout Wood County, and acknowledge the students who are involved in creating or participating in healthy, fun alternatives to drinking alcohol.

With your help, The New Cool wants to:

  • Provide a venue to publicize alternative activities rather than using alcohol or drugs.
  • Highlight the students who work to reduce the underage drinking in their schools.
  • Assist in developing healthy and exciting sustainable programs or activities in Wood County.
  • Provide education about alcohol and information regarding student alcohol use rates in Wood County.

So who is The New Cool? That would be prevention specialists, Wood County community members, parents, but most importantly, YOU if you are committed to a fun-filled, alcohol-free lifestyle.

Want to be involved?

If you are a student with an alcohol-free hobby you would like to share, if you have your own ideas for The New Cool, or if you would like to get a set of The New Cool posters to hang in your school or business, contact Kyle Clark at (419) 354-9010 or kclarkwcesc.org.

If you have any other questions regarding drug or alcohol use, you can call any member of our team at (419) 354-9010, or e-mail us at:

Mr. B Cool with cheerleaders

Mr. B. Cool has arrived, and made his first appearance at an Otsego pep rally on September 13, 2013 to great fanfare.

He also played an important role at the Wood County Educational Service Center’s Red Ribbon Kickoff at Crim Elementary on Oct. 18, the  Bowling Green Community Holiday Parade in downtown Bowling Green November 23, and made appearances at two Bowling Green State University basketball games in February and March, 2014.

More appearances are being planned!

Mr. B Cool at BGSU basketball game

We are so proud of our Wood County Teen Institute members. They work hard, become leaders and role models, and sometimes, they even come back after graduation to help out. This page will feature students who exemplify and live The New Cool on a daily basis. Thanks for all you do and keep up  the good work!! Click the links below to read about these great youth leadars!

Hannah and Jessy
Hannah Jacobs and Jessy Schulte

Moose Williams


The New Cool is all about living a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle. We know the temptation is out there, but there are ways to avoid it...hobbies, activities, friends, or anything else that helps you keep your cool. We call that The New Cool. What is YOUR New Cool? Fill out this very short form, and tell us all about it! We'll post your cool right on this page! Not only that, but telling others about your cool will help other students just like you find safe, fun, healthy activities that will help them remain drug and alcohol-free!!!! Share YOUR New Cool today!


School District: Eastwood Age: 12 Grade: 6 What is YOUR New Cool: "My New Cool is to stay drug free because of sports and friends. If I am not myself my friends won't want to hang out and be my friend. I think it would also disappoint my family. I have seen people on the T.V that have smoked and can barely talk. Sometimes I guess you have to scare them out of smoking if someone has started."

School District: Eastwood Age: 12 Grade: 6 What is YOUR New Cool: "Not giving into peer pressure and not doing drugs.They could hurt me and/or my family. My new cool is cool!"

School District: Eastwood Age: 12 Grade: 6 What is YOUR New Cool: "My new cool is to be my self and not use drugs. Also not to give in to what people say. Finally, I don't want my life to be ruined by some disgusting drugs and alcohol. So here is my New Cool: I will be myself, not do drugs, not give in to what people say about drugs, and not ruin my life because of some drugs."

School District: Eastwood Age: 12 Grade: 6 What is YOUR New Cool: "The New Cool for me is basically doing the Eagle way, doing what's right,do your best, and treat others the way you want to be treated. Also The New Cool is to be yourself and have fun."

You have a right to be respected in a dating relationship. You have a right to speak. You have a right to be heard. You have a right to say no.

If you are being disrespected or feel controlled by the person you are dating, you are not alone., and we are here to help you.

We offer the Expect Respect class in all high schools in Wood County. We also offer support groups upon request. If you need support, and would like to talk about your dating relationship, please contact Rebecca Wachter-Parker at rparker@wcesc.org, or 419-308-9096.