For 2018-2019 School Year: typically-developing (non-special needs) children: 

Eastwood Preschool: Click to download Eastwood Pre-reg form/preschool info here.

North Baltimore preschool is full with a short waiting list. Click to download North Baltimore Pre-reg form/preschool info to get your child on the 2018-19 waiting list.

Northwood Preschool: Click to download Northwood Pre-reg form/preschool info.

If you have question about our preschool programs and if you have concerns about your child's development (speech, motor skills, behavior, etc): please contact us at or 419-354-9010.

Click here to learn more about our preschool programs.

If you are interested in preschool at any other school district, please contact that school directly.

For Eastwood, North Baltimore, and Northwood School Districts: The Early Childhood Education (ECE) grant provides low-cost, high-quality early learning services to eligible children, and promotes academic achievement. To learn more about the ECE Grant Preschool, please click here.

Children must meet age and income eligibility requirements: Children must be 4 years of age on October 1 but not eligible for kindergarten. Family income must fall at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. To learn if your family is eligible for this low-cost, high-quality preschool program, please contact WCESC at or 419-354-9010.

If your child doesn't meet the age/income requirement, please click the "2018-2019 Preschool Info" tab to learn about our non-grant preschool options.

When Naomi enrolls a child, she sends the parent(s) a Registration Packet. 

Click to download another copy of the Medical or Dental Form. If you need a different form, please email Naomi a request at

Click to download The Importance of Health Screenings for Preschoolers flyer

Click to download Information Section (Tips for Completing Reg Forms/Immunization Info)

Link to 2018 Recommended Immunizations for Children from Birth—6 Years Old

Eastwood PS NB or NW PS  
EA Progress Report NB/NW Progress Report (word)  
  NB/NW Progress Report (pdf)