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  Find the help you need right away.


Children's Resource Center

Children's Resource Center

Providing child-centered, family-focused mental health, and co-occuring mental health and substance abuse services to all Wood County and nearby families. 



Help Me GrowHelp Me Grow

A program for Ohio's expectant parents, newborns, infants and toddlers that provides health and developmental services so that children start school healthy and ready to learn. 



United WayUnited Way

Volunteers helping people.


Wood County

Wood County

Find all of Wood County's elected officials and services here.


Wood County ADAMHS Board


Wood County ADAMHS Board

Helping Wood County Citizens Who Need Mental Health, Alcohol, Drug Treatment, Educational, or Prevention Services.




Wood County Department of JFS

Wood County Department of Job and Family Services




Wood County Health District

Wood County Health District

The mission of the Wood County Health Department is to work to "assure that conditions in Wood County permit its residents to lead healthy lives."




Wood County Hospital

Wood County Hospital





Judge Woessner



Wood County Juvenile Court Judge David Woessner

Wood County Juvenile Court Judge







Wood County Juvenile Detention CenterWood County Juvenile Detention Center

The Wood County Juvenile Detention Center partners with the Wood County Educational Service Center's Prevention Education Program to help youths turn a corner and lead more productive lives.



WSOS Community Action

STAY COOL: Ask a Prevention Specialist

Wood County Educational Service Center
1867 N. Research Dr.
Bowling Green, OH 43402

Call us at (419) 354-9010, or e-mail us at:

Director of the Prevention Education Program - Kyle Clark kclark@wcesc.org
Drug Free Communities Grant Program Coordinator - Milan Karna mkarna​​​​​​​@wcesc.org
Prevention Education Program Coordinator - Angela Patchen apatchen@wcesc.org
Administrative Assistant - Greg Van Vorhis gvanvorhis@wcesc.org
Bowling Green - Felicia Otte fotte@wcesc.org
Eastwood – Hannah Madaras hmadaras@wcesc.org
Elmwood – Chelsi McElrath  cmcelrath@wcesc.org
North Baltimore – Hannah Madaras hmadaras@wcesc.org​
Northwood – Bill Hamilton  whamilton@wcesc.org
Otsego – Mary Gase  mgase@otsegoknights.org
Penta – Linda Logue  llogue@pentacc.org
Perrysburg – Melissa Notestine mnotestine@perrysburgschools.net
Teen Institute Advisor – Jeanine Lindquist jlindquist@wcesc.org
Expect Respect Support Group Leader - Rebecca Parker rparker@wcesc.org
B.A.B.E.S. Teacher, PAX Partner - Jane Lingenfelder jane.lingenfelder@gmail.com​​​​​​​
PAX Partner - Sue Nagy snagy@wcesc.org

If you have been impacted by the use or abuse of alcohol or other drugs, there is help available all over Wood County.

You are not alone. There are many individuals nationwide who have a problem or know someone who has a problem with alcohol. You can always make a difference in your life or the life of someone else; choose the right path into the NEW COOL.

Organizations and Centers:

NAMI Wood County
Telephone:(419) 352-0626 or The Link 1(800)472-9411

Wood County Educational Service Center
Telephone:(419) 354-9010

Children’s Resource Center
Telephone: (419) 352-7588 or 1(888) 466-KIDS

Unison Health
Telephone:(419) 352-4624

Harbor Wood County
Telephone:(419) 352-5387 Perrysburg (419) 872-2419



Bloomdale Police Department

(No Web site)





Bowling Green PoliceBowling Green Police DivisionEZ Plus

Learn about the Bowling Green Police Division and their many services, including the EZ+ drug, alcohol, tobacco and violence prevention program




BGSU PoliceBowling Green State University Department of Public Safety





Bradner PoliceBradner Police Department






Fostoria PoliceFostoria Police Department





Haskins PoliceHaskins Police Department





Lake Township PoliceLake Township Police




Luckey PoliceLuckey Police Department





North Baltimore Police

North Baltimore Police Department







Northwood Police

Northwood Police Department


Facebook Page




Ohio Highway Patrol

Ohio Highway Patrol, Post 87







Owens Community College Department of Public SafetyOwens Community College Department of Public Safety






Pemberville PolicePemberville Police Department





Perrysburg Police

Perrysburg Police Department





Perrysburg Township Police

Perrysburg Township Police Department


Facebook Page



Risingsun Police


Risingsun Police

(No Web site)




Rossford Police

Rossford Police Department


Facebook Page




Walbridge Police

Walbridge Police Department






Wayne Police

Wayne Police Department

(No Web site)





West Millgrove Police

West Millgrove

(No Web site)





Wood County Park District Rangers

Wood County Park District


Facebook Page





Wood County Sheriff's Office

Wood County Sheriff

Access a variety of information about Wood County and the Sheriff's Office, including safety tips, press releases, and sex offender information.





(Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Association of Ohio)

ADAPAO is a not-for-profit, membership-based association that serves as the voice of alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention in Ohio. 



The mission of CADCA (Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America) is to strengthen the capacity of community coalitions to create and maintain safe, healthy and drug-free communities globally.  This is accomplished by providing technical assistance and training, public policy advocacy, media strategies and marketing programs, training and special events.



Prevention Action Alliance

Prevention Action Alliance



Emerging Clarity

Emerging Clarity

Reflections on communities, prevention, learning, and change . A blog.




The Partnership at Drugfree.org

The Partnership at Drugfree.org

The Partnership at Drugfree.org helps parents prevent, intervene and find treatment for their children.



FACE Project

FACE Project

FACE is a national non-profit organization that supports sensible alcohol policies and practices through the development of messages, strategies and  training designed to create public awareness and action on alcohol issues. (Description taken from FACE Web site).



National Alliance on Mental Illness

NAMI is a grass roots organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by mental illness. 



National Institute of Drug Abuse
NIDA- National Institute of Drug Abuse

Information for parents, teachers and students.


Nine Zero.org
Nine Zero

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Prevention Resources for Teachers, Students, Community Organizations, Counties and Advocates.


Adolescent Substance Abuse Knowledge Base

A very basic, straightforward website for parents/guardians with facts and up to date statistics from different national studies. The main page has links to different topics related to drug use, including current statistics, signs of drug use, symptoms of specific drugs, myths about alcohol, identifying drugs, tips for talking with teens, knowing how and when to seek help, and various links to outside resources. By clicking on any of the topics, the information opens up at the bottom of the page. The layout of the site is very simple, almost boring in its simplicity, but it’s this aspect that makes the information easily accessible to parents/guardians.




Designed for individuals that are affected by someone else’s drinking, the Al-Anon & Alateen website is designed to link people to groups and resources for the purpose of providing support and help. The site states a clear definition of the purpose, the philosophical base of the program, and the steps involved in coping with the problem. There are questionnaires to determine if the program will be appropriate and beneficial to the individual and information for finding a meeting in the area. The website is easy to navigate and basic in content. The program itself, like Alcoholics Anonymous, can be a very effective resource for recovery, but due to its connection with God, it certainly isn’t for everyone.


Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous

The Alcoholic Anonymous website provides a substantial amount of information about the program in an organized, simple format. There are online brochures, FAQs, historical timelines, sitemaps, categorical links, and a site search which all help define the program, dispel misperceptions, address concerns, and help link people to services. This is another valuable website and resource. 


Addictions Intervention, Inc.

Very good resource for receiving professional assistance when planning to conduct an intervention. The website is simple, very straightforward. There are links and banners nearly every paragraph of every page with a toll-free number to receive assistance. There could be more information provided regarding the process of delivering services, the concerns of self-determination, etc. but the web site certainly provides a good overview and a good starting point for someone considering this as a possibility.


Drug Rehab.com

Drug Rehab

This website is designed to link individuals seeking treatment for alcohol and/or drug addiction with treatment facilities in close proximity. The site is aimed at parents/guardians, but could be useful for any adults working with teens. The information is categorized by specific topics and substances, and each link has a substantial amount of detail. The downfall of the site is that there is no effort to define the organization or program behind the services, and nothing to describe how the services work. The information is great, but there is no description of how the service came into being or how they are funded. The information is all general, and other than a phone number, the viewer has no way of knowing any details pertaining to the treatment process.


Focus Adolescent Services

Focus Adolescent Services

In terms of informational content, Focus Adolescent Services covers a wide array of topics that affect adolescents, including some that rarely get discussed such as attachment disorders, body image, grief, self-injury, running away, teen dating violence, etc. All of these links are organized alphabetically from top to bottom on the left side of the page which makes them easily accessible.



U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse
and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA)

  SAMHSA is a comprehensive prevention resource. It is a wonderful website
  that is easy to navigate, current, informative, and very useful for
  professionals. There are many brochures and tools which address specific
  topics and specific populations. It is simply the total package, a very valuable


Medline Plus

U.S. Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health

This website is straight to the point. Everything is well organized and easy to access. The information is all relevant and current, and the links are all categorized by relevant topics. The site serves as a great starting point for alcohol information, and it links to other relevant sites, including some on this list. It is just a very basic, straight-forward, and effective resource. 


Surgeon General

U.S. Surgeon General

Unlike the other websites, this is a printable fact guide which gives a basic overview of underage drinking in the United States. It is designed for adults and uses current studies and facts to define and clarify the problem. It is designed very well, it is easy to read, has good visual aides, and covers a lot of information in a small space. Because it can be printed and handed out, it is a very valuable tool for informing any adults that might benefit from the knowledge.

Joel Penton

Joel Penton: Stand Your Ground

Former Ohio State University football player Joel Penton made several visits to Wood County schools in the fall of 2009 and spring  of 2010. Visit his Web site by clicking the title above, or the picture, or look for video he shot at Wood County Schools on his YouTube channel. You MUST register and sign in to view the YouTube videos.





More Than You Think

More Than You Think.org

This campaign based out of Hawaiil lets youth make positive decisions. Many teens think most of their peers are drinkers, when the truth is, most aren't.



Students Against Destructive Decisions


Students Against Destructive Decisions

  SADD is a peer-to-peer education, prevention, and activism organization dedicated to preventing destructive decisions. 





Tips for Teens


Tips for Teens

Get important facts about a variety of drugs. Inform yourself!



Above the Influence

Too Smart to Start

List of famous people who have died as a result of drug and alcohol abuse

Media Awareness

Project Know

Love is Respect

Love is Not Abuse

National Association for Children of Alcoholics

A Teen Guide to Peer Pressure

Double ARCDouble ARC

Double ARC provides consultation and staff development opportunities so that educators, health care providers, and professionals in the judicial and social service arenas are equipped to support children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. 


Drug-Free Action AllianceDrug-Free Action Alliance

  Drug-Free Action Alliance is a statewide, private non-profit prevention agency that
  educates key leaders on the problems facing their communities and provides the
  resources needed to take action.



Help Them KnowHelp Them Know.org

  Know! is a partnership empowering parents to raise their children to be  




In addition to offering the answers to your “need-to-know-right-now” questions. MVParents.com is a unique place that draws from both research conducted with millions of young people and the experience of parents like yourself. 


Parent ProjectThe Parent Project

This multi-week evening course is a parent training program designed for parents of adolescents who act out (those often referred to with the labels of oppositional defiant, or conduct disorder). Topics include reducing family conflict and arguing, improving school performance and attendance, identifying and intervening with alcohol and other drug abuse, interceding with negative peer associations (including inappropriate dating relationships up to and including gang involvement) and helping parents to set effective applicable limits.


Parents Empowered

Parents Empowered

ParentsEmpowered.org is a media and education campaign funded by the Utah Legislature designed to prevent and reduce underage drinking in Utah by providing parents and guardians with information about the harmful effects of alcohol on the developing teen brain, along with proven skills for preventing underage alcohol use. 


Parents The Anti-DrugParents. The Anti-Drug

This site provides support for parents, including how to tell if your child is using alcohol or other drugs.



The Passage Group

The Passage Group

  Allowing parents to understand the toxic culture their children are living in.




We Don't Serve TeensWe Don't Serve Teens

This website provides parents and others with tools and information to reduce teen drinking and related harm.




MSNBC Logo Painkiller use breeds new face of heroin addiction


Above the Influence

List of famous people who have died as a result of drug and alcohol abuse

Talking to your patients about prescription drug abuse

Parents Who Host Lose the Most Public Service Announcement

Family Education by Pearson

The Partnership at Drugfree.org

Information about bath salt abuse

The Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth

Information on the prevalence of underage drinking

Alcohol Watch Dog

The Parthership at Drugfree.org



Free ATOD videos/clips available online:

* full video or video segment
* printables: teacher guides/quizzes
*advanced search options include: Check on your school’s website to see if this service is offered to staff in your district. It is confirmed that Lake, Otsego, Rossford, Penta and Perrysburg have accounts. Check with your district computer administrator or librarian for username/password.

*full video or video clip
*advanced search options, where you can search for just movies with teaching resources as well as by copyright year
-It is confirmed that the website is mentioned on the Eastwood website

*click on “videos”
- also has short clips and discussion guides available about a variety of topics including anger management, divorce, rumors, and crushes. This is geared towards middle school students

*a website for kids to check to see where they are with alcohol and drugs. The site includes quizzes the kids can take as well as videos that highlight other teens’ experiences with drugs.

*you can watch preview clips of different ATOD movies. Some clips are as long as 5 minutes. It is helpful to watch the clips before ordering movies.

*Toledo Lucas County Public Library. You can request movies online, and then go pick them up at your preferred location. There are many recent HRM movies available such as: “Huffing-- the latest facts about inhalant abuse” “Tobacco and death [video recording] : perfect together” There are also AIMS Multimedia movies available such as: “Alcohol and human physiology” “Tobacco.”

*Wood County District Public Library system. You can request movies online, and then pick up at your preferred location. There are a few HRM movies available such as: “Underage drinking know the facts, know the risks” “Getting stupid how drugs damage your brain.”

A website sponsored by Partnership for Drug-Free America. Click on “watch stories” to see video of teens who have tried DXM and are sharing their experiences.

DVDs Websites for MS Life Skills:

Alcohol: Myths and Realities:
http://thecoolspot.gov/facts.asp (a great interactive game about how much alcohol is in a drink?)

http://www.Innerhealthstudio.com (guided imagery/relaxation scripts)
http://www.Musicalrelaxation.com (good relaxing background music for guided imagery)

http://camy.org/ (marketing gallery with alcohol ads that can be used as examples) http://tobaccofreekids.org (tobacco ad gallery with tobacco ads that can be used as examples)
http://www.scenesmoking.org (a great website with an awesome interactive intro. It highlights smoking in the movies and how smoking in movies influences kids)

Communication/Social Skills/Resolving Conflicts/Peer Pressure
http://www.pbskids.org/itsmylife Click on games, then “Story Strips” to make comic strips of cartoon characters trying to work out their problems), can be printed when finished.
http://thecoolspot.gov/pressures.asp Click on “peer pressure bag of tricks” to play interactive game regarding peer pressure tactics. Good for younger middle school age kids.

Decision Making
http://www.checkyourself.com/interact.aspx The website describes this activity as: Play our interactive decision making games to see how different choices result in different outcomes. Select a story title from the menu below. Follow along and, when prompted, make a choice to further the story. Each decision changes the next step in the story, so it's an opportunity to choose your own path and discover where it leads. Play each decision making game a few times with different responses to see how it changes the ending. Answer truthfully the first time, then try the opposite choice and see where the games take you – you might be surprised!

Drug Abuse/Peer Pressure
http://abovetheinfluence.com An amazing website. Click on “fun”. The “pressured quiz” and “Just the Facts quiz” are both fun and would help with ATOD knowledge review or with the Peer Pressure lesson in Life Skills. The whole website is amazing.
*click on “teachers/parents” and then on the drug abuse lesson plans. There are numerous printables available including a journal page and a crossword puzzle.
*click on “games”, and then on “Bonko’s Body Quiz”. Choose tobacco or drugs and do an interactive review game on tobacco/drug facts

Grade 3 tobacco-free fun printables

Grade 4 tobacco-free fun printables http://www.tobaccofreeutah.org/Funsheet%20Grade%204.pdf

Grade 5 tobacco-free fun printables http://www.tobaccofreeutah.org/Funsheet%20Grade%205.pdf

The following resources will help students, parents, teachers and administrators deal with bullying:

You have a right to be respected in a dating relationship. You have a right to speak. You have a right to be heard. You have a right to say no.

If you are being disrespected or feel controlled by the person you are dating, you are not alone., and we are here to help you.

We offer the Expect Respect class in all high schools in Wood County. We also offer support groups upon request. If you need support, and would like to talk about your dating relationship, please contact Rebecca Wachter-Parker at rparker@wcesc.org, or 419-308-9096.


Love is Respect

Love is Not Abuse