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Pumpkins 1
The Northwood classes visited the Pumpkin Peddler in BG as part of their fall curriculum fun!  Students were able to choose their own pumpkin to take home as long as they could carry it independently to the bus! More photos appear below.

Pumpkins 2

Pumpkins 3

Pumpkins 4

Pumpkins 5

Food Truck
The Wood County Alternative School staff and students are volunteering to help unload the food truck at the First United Methodist Church.  This monthly food distribution helps those in need in the Bowling Green and area communities


Community Garden
The students at the Wood County Alternative School provided the labor to clean up the Bowling Green Community Garden. This garden was serviced by volunteers and provided fresh produce to those neighbors in our community in need.

Community Garden 2

Homecoming Football Setup
Bowling Green High School LIFE Skills students and Superintendent Mark North braved the cold and rain to set up the football field before the October 5th Homecoming football game. More photos appear below  

Homecoming Setup

Homecoming Setup 2


Jay B 1
Students from the Life Skills class at Lake High School were visited by Jay Berschback, Chief Meteorologist from Channel 13, as part of an ongoing discussion regarding the weather and its effects on their daily lives. More photos appear below.

Jay B 2

Jay B 3

Jay B 4


Alternative Classroom
After a series of short lessons on heroes of 9/11, our community helpers, and how everyday people can make a difference in the world, the students of The WCESC's Living Classroom voted to support the Ronald McDonald House Charities. They decided to start a pull top tab collection to help the families of young children who are hospitalized through the Ronald McDonald house. They built their own houses to collect the tabs at home and will bring them in once a month to see how much we can collect and help others. The Living Classroom challenges the WCESC classrooms and programs to care and collect for their favorite charity as well.
Dogs for Difference UT 1
Dogs For Difference from The University of Toledo have continued visiting more Life Skills classrooms at Lake Middle School and Northwood, playing fetch, taking walks and reading with students.

Dr. Joan Gillece
On Sept. 19, Dr. Joan Gillece from the National Association of State Mental Health Program led a discussion with Wood County leaders about promoting trauma awareness in educational and justice settings. She was joined by William Kellibrew a survivor, international speaker, and director of Baltimore City Men and Trauma Initiative.
BGHS Life Skills 1
BGHS Life Skills students are continuing to develop and implement in school work experience projects for their students. They are now helping to organize and hang the freshly cleaned Bowling Green high school football uniforms. This is one of the several jobs the classroom has adopted in order to develop skills which will assist them in their adult working lives.

BGHS Life Skills 2

CLC September Photo

Life Skills Classroom
Bowling Green High School is the newest home to Mrs. Mandy Hemming’s Life Skills classroom. Formerly located in North Baltimore, the classroom has moved to Bowling Green in order to take advantage of the centralized location and the community partnerships  available in the city. We enjoyed and appreciated many years of a successful partnership with North Baltimore Schools and are looking forward to new opportunities in Bowling Green.

Milan Karna
Milan Karna, program coordinator for the Drug Free Community Grant in Wood County (center) listening to a student address President Donald J. Trump at the White House Round Table presented by Drug Free Communities Support Program, the Office of National Drug Control Policy on Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2018. Mr. Karna is sitting next to Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President of the United States, who can be seen in the red dress on the right.

It was a busy week for the Drug Free Community Grant. On Monday evening, we received a message from Helen Hernandez, director of the Drug Free Community Grant inviting our coalition to a White House Roundtable on Wednesday.  Milan Karna, the program coordinator in Wood County, was our adult representative  and Joshua Bowen from Northwood was to be our student representative. With only 24 hours to make this all happen, we were unfortunately unable to get all of Josh's security clearances approved and he was unable to go. However, Milan made it out to Washington and was part of the Roundtable conference with President Trump. You can watch a portion of the meeting at 


The majority of the press coverage was President Trump's interaction with the youth, but Milan represented us well. It is my understanding that General Dean personally selected the coalitions that attended, which speaks highly of all of the great work done by and in support of the Drug Free Community Grant and the youth in Wood County. More photos follow below.

Trump with Generals
President Donald J. Trump hears from General Arthur Dean (center), Chairman and CEO of the Community Anti-Drug Coalition of America, and James W. Carroll (right), current acting director of the U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy.
Trump and Student
Trump listens to a report by Ananyl Pati, who recently graduated from High School and has been involved with DFC grant work for the last four years.

Mr. Nico Demetriou, Correctional Education Coordinator from the Ohio Department of Education, toured the Juvenile Residential Center of Northwest Ohio and the Wood County Juvenile Detention Center. Ryan Gies and Jodi Slagle from the Ohio Department of Youth Services joined the tour.  Bridget Ansberg, Director of JRC and Christy Spontelli, Education Coordinator at WCESC provided an overview of the education programs for students at JRC and JDC.

Eastwood, Elmwood, and North Baltimore CLC Summer STARS students  visited Fort Meigs this summer. The kids had a wonderful time touring historical buildings, watching a short reenactment, and experiencing what life would have been like at the fort during early 1800’s wartime. Learning during the summer can be fun! Visit www.clcstars.com for more information on the CLC. #learnleadshineCaption




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